Friday, September 7, 2012

Cafe: Kiss the Barista

Why hello there! Welcome to what is my attempt to create a blog. It's the start of something a bit different - my days of angsty puberty blues-filled posts are long gone and am going to use this page to present tidbits of what goes on in the life of a social moth like myself. Okay, to be honest it will mostly be about food.

My oldest sister arrived from the motherland today for a short but well-deserved holiday so the next couple of weeks are going to be filled with good food and fun times! Also, I'm finally graduating from high school so September is going to be prettttty busy!

Having arrived in the morning and not feeling satisfied by terrible airplane food, we decided to take the sister to a little gem of a place. Living in the South means there are hardly any stand out eateries but knowing that there are places like this only a short ten minute drive away is reassuring.
Kiss the Barista is located right next Georges River on the ground floor of the Rowers Club. As soon as you step out of the carpark, you watch little kiddies playing in the sand while the mothers stand chatting and people going for strolls with their dogs. You feel a great sense of comfort and can't help but relax/

The menu is simple, providing something for everyone and so you'll find the elderly, young adults and babies alike enjoying the scenery from the open window. (Sorry about the bad photo, had to quickly take it before the next customers came and sat at this table) 

Something about cafe breakfasts that make me giddy. I would have it everyday if I had an awesome metabolism and the time. Despite really wanting to try the french toast with Italian nutella (what is Italian nutella?!), I reminded myself that I have the school luncheon coming up and a dress I have to fit into so I resisted and decided on something a bit more tame. 
Sourdough Toastie with ham, mushrooms and spinach ($8.00)
You can choose to have it on a croissant for a dollar extra and you are forced to make the difficult decision of three fillings between ham, cheese, tomato, chorizo, avocado, mushrooms, bacon or spinach. Too many choices! 
I thought it would be bland but I was pleasantly surprised. Actually more than that because it was so. good. Simple sandwich with ham that wasn't too salty, blanched spinach and sweet juicy mushrooms. How can you go wrong?! Middle Sister chose the chorizo, spinach and mushroom combination and judging by her smile of content, I'm pretty sure it was equally as good as mine. 
The Stack: field mushroom topped with cherry tomato, pumpkin, spanish onion, pine nuts, fetta, basil, poached egg with sourdough toast ($16.70)
Mum and Older Sister opted for this beauty and this generous serving of what is a great balance of texture and flavour filled both of them up.  I mean, just looking at those ingredients, you couldn't have asked for a better breakfast. Mum appreciated the copious amounts of pine nuts and of course the poached egg just oozes out thick yolk goodness. Cafes that get poached eggs wrong should be banned. 
Having tried this in a previous visit, it never disappoints and I strongly recommend trying this. 
Forewarning about this blog: I'm not a coffee drinker, in fact the smell of coffee gives me a headache (says the girl who ultimately wants to run her own little cafe) so you won't be seeing much of it here. However this is sister's skim latte ($3.50) and I love the little kiss-shaped jelly that accompanied it. A nice personalised touch to make the meal that much better.

Overall, a great little cafe with reasonably priced and delicious fresh meals that every cafe should have. The bonus view of the beach allows you to enjoy the sun, cool breeze and spend time away from our busy lifestyles. Speaking of which, goodbye post, hello studying. 
Until next time!

PS I'm just starting out so I promise my photos/posts will become better. And thank you for reading up until now! :) 

Oh you know, a couch in the middle of the car park. No biggie. 

Kiss the Barista
Sanoni Ave Dolls Point Sandringham NSW 2219
Opening hours: Mon - Sun 6:30am - 5pm
Contact: 0433 582 582

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  1. Thanks for the new follow- I'm guessing you're were the anonymous commenter from a while back? You've finally set up your first post! Yay, it's done! :D Will look out for future posts- though as you said, might be challenging since we'll be graduating soon and everything at school is just going so fast and overwhelming!

    ps. I also had the same problem with the urbanspoon badge, just make sure to click on 'HTML' next to the 'compose' button and paste the codings at the end there and you'll actually see the image :)

    1. Eek thank you for the advice about Urbanspoon! And yes I was the anonymous commenter, haha I hadn't figured out how to comment with my own name.. I think it is too obvious that I'm just a beginner! -_-
      Hope you have a wonderful time with the graduation prep and am also looking forward to your seriously amazing posts! :)

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